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Béziers ― Foseranes ― Les Neuf Écluses ― well, six actually, number seven is now the basin at the lower end of the other six plus eight & nine have been abandoned in favour of an aqueduct, opened in 1858, for crossing of the River Orb. From this basin boats follow the new route across the river, then down into the port of Béziers, or climb the remaining six locks to join the fifty-four kilometers of the "long-pound", the longest section without locks.

A thirty-eight minute video of mounting the six locks (N.B. : This is the actual time taken.)

midicanal.tv is a new site, gradually we'll be adding videos we have made along the length of the canal from Toulouse to Sète. If you have any short videos you would like us to include on this site, please send them to the email address below (NB : copy and paste won't work, sorry) let us have details of where, when etc.

Thank you.

If you live within a reasonable distance of Béziers (or anywhere really) and would be interested in helping with technical problems, I'd really like to hear from you, although once a TV technician, I would really appreciate some help with some of the projects.

Malcolm Beeson (B.A.T.C. member 6909)


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