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Broken spool belts
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I have some old films which I want to transfer to digital. Some are old jukebox films which were made for back projection, therefore the image is reversed , and to cap it all they have sound which is non-standard sync!
I know I can have films transferred commercialy, but this will be more fun.
I've ordered a veteran 16mm optical/ magnetic projector and a special camera for the capture, but although paid for they have not yet arrived as of 25/12/2013, when they arrive the problems start, anyone interested in getting involved?

26/12/2013 : update.
The projector has arrived but I have not yet had time to test it, beginning to get excited about this project.

30/12/2013 : update.
Film transport OK, but the belts in the spool arms are broken. Have traced (on eBay) a complete set and a manual so everything should be OK soon.
One thing that puzzles me is that I need to change the projector feed to 25fps, anyone got any ideas?

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