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Marconi Monoscope with power supply
The wonderfully restored Marconi Monoscope with power supply (above) and including the tube that I had lugged around for fifty years throughout the UK, Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Spain and finally back to France, from whence it was very carefully carried to Camberley in the UK (SE England), not that many miles from where it had started out, and gently placed in the completely restored monoscope camera by another amateur TV geek like myself.

I cannot find words to express the thrill at seeing the result of the final marriage between my 'brand-new' tube and the perfectly refurbished box of a once non-functioning chassis-full of nostalgia.

The photo at left with the confident glow of the heaters is a tribute to the fine workmanship of this gentleman.

I have taken liberties with the output of this magnificent machine to create a customised test-card for this site :
midicanal.tv site testcard I think we can safely say that this project is now complete, thanks to the help given by another BATC member. When I think of something else needed I'll put it on the projects page.

Copy of an email from the great guy who performed all this wizardry :

"I have been working on the monoscope camera with some success. I got to the point were I thought all the electronics were reasonable, so I put the tube in and was rewarded with a picture, it was bright, rotated, and out of focus, but it was there. My joy was short lived as before I could make any adjustments to sort out the focus the picture disappeared !!!! At this point there was much checking of the camera but no picture could be obtained. I do have another tube that was gassy, the getter was white, so in desperation I put that in and got a faint picture. So the camera was ok??

What could be the matter, I had seen a picture from the ITV tube and could not understand what the problem was. I even put the tube in a valve tester, it is a big valve after all, it did show some small emission. CRTs don't fail like this, it did have good emission in the brief period when there was a picture. So it when back into the camera again, this time there was a trace of a picture and I discovered that there seemed to be intermittent connection in the tube base.

I quickly took some pictures of the output and I will re-flow the tube connections to see if that fixes it, hope it is at the pin end and not the glass pinch!"

Brian Summers - Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera
gro.muesumareremacvt@nairb : liame
Visit : Museum of the Broadcast TV Camera website

Well, as you can see he was successful and he now has a working Marconi Monoscope Camera as part of his Television museum.

Malcolm Beeson - BATC member 5598


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